Friday, October 26, 2012

Spoke to someone after light years today! He was missing when we came back from an Onam holidays while we were in high school, Later   some school admin staff told us that, his father got transferred during the break and he has to move on without informing us. In those stone age making a telephone call was not simple like today and I am not sure if he knew my Telephone no, I felt little sad about not saying a proper good bye or completing the 10th together, my heart was little heavy for a while when I learned this since he was an equal partner in all the good and bad things we did, but soon forgotten about him and life went on and never bothered to find him.
Now sitting next to the window and looking towards the bishop cotton’s playground opposite to the road with a cup of coffee in hand and reflecting on the good times we had decades back, I am suddenly realizing the very same heaviness which I experienced twenty years back when we were in my school!  
It’s amazing how the human emotions are stored in memory. It starts from where it stopped with a simple tap on head! Just like an old song bringing out all the good and bad memories of an era along with each minute it plays.

But this is not a concern, I am so happy to talk and reunite to someone who was a part of my life for that short period. Concern is, if emotions attached to a childhood friend’s departure long twenty years back stored fresh in our memories without realizing it even for a second, then what about the ones we make and break when we are in our twenties and thirties when we have much more control on our lives? What is the baggage we are carrying in our hearts? And how less meaningful soul we are carrying with us? And how we will handle this emotional baggage when we will be older, weaker and lonely?

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