Thursday, May 28, 2015

Your face your Personality, hypothesis of a rookie philosopher

Your face your personality, hypothesis of a wannabe philosopher, Inspired by Mario Miranda. Courtesy to the idle afternoons and rains in the nineties and no smartphones to kill your imagination.

While shifting my home to another rented flat last year, came across the old blue diary who was my companion in the 90’s  which started withering way with the time. One thought came to my mind all of a sudden , what if tomorrow I became famous ? the person who will be writing my biography will be left without any incidents which will show my artistic side, and will be interpreted by the following generation as the greatest ever person who lived in this planet contributed endlessly to humanity  was nothing but a boring buy without any artistic skills!

Next thing , I took my camera and started clicking my blue diary page by page, converting  the pure art to jpegs one by one for the generations to come provided this site remains free forever.

Hey earthly things!
Here you go and enjoy the beauty and philosophy behind human mind from the view of the twenty something great great JJ ! snaps to follow in coming days.

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